Engage more customers, optimise operations and transform your products 
& services so you can grow your business.

Peter’s consultancy experience spans some of the world’s biggest brand names, including Adidas, Microsoft, AstraZenica and Morrisons. His expertise lies in rapidly analysing complex landscapes of processes and tools, enabling him to make a swift and meaningful impact. He is pragmatic and direct, using his vast experience and attention to detail to create and implement digital strategies that transform businesses, streamline operations, and unlock value, leading to overall growth.

Peter’s consulting skills are perfect for organisations facing complex and intricate problems, where there are multi-faceted issues to be addressed. His clarity of thought and experience at both functional and engineering levels, make him a valuable asset who can approach and simplify problems with innovative and creative thinking.

Elevate your business journey with Peter’s services, where dedication meets results, and complexity transforms into opportunity.

Peter has been pivotal to online enterprises.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your AI journey, or struggling to find ROI from your AI projects, Peter Verster’s direct approach, clarity of thinking, and wealth of experience make him the perfect partner for unlocking the hidden value in your business. Peter supports organisations across sectors including:

• Retail and distribution
• Facilities Management
• Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

• Manufacturing
• Financial Services
• Entertainment & Leisure

He is a hands-on consultant, offering practical advice from decades of front-line experience with data, tech and AI, as well as functional implementation and build support.

Public Speaking

As a captivating public speaker, Peter Verster brings a wealth of expertise to the stage, with a dynamic approach honed through years of experience as a consultant.


Having been at the forefront of data, tech, and digital innovation for more than 20 years, Peter provides unparalleled, data-driven outcomes.

AI for Business

Using his vast knowledge across the AI sphere, Peter has crafted a practical handbook to guide leaderst through the processes of assessing their business readiness for AI and building a framework for implementation.


Combining strategic understanding of AI and digital transformation with practical build and implementation capabilities, Northell is the ultimate partner to business looking to innovate, digitise, and transform.