I am a public speaker, consultant and director living in the United Kingdom. I don’t mind discussing rugby and golf.

Over the past two decades of my career, I’ve enjoyed a plethora of opportunities to explore and implement creative and innovative solutions to complex problems and been at the cutting edge of new technologies and frameworks for successful digital transformation.

Today, I’m privileged to be able to use that wealth of experience working with much-loved brands as well as organisations looking to make their indelible mark on the world. It’s my pleasure to help them. I use data-driven learnings and results-oriented strategies to support the growth and transformation of forward-thinking organisations.

I also use my practical experience of AI implementation to create engaging experiences for audiences that are looking to be challenged and inspired by the many opportunities that AI, data and tech present.

In February 2024, my book, AI for Business: A Practical Guide for Business Leaders to Extract Value from Artificial Intelligence, was published, offering leaders an outcome-driven, data-led strategy for assessing the current landscape and internal capacity for AI. It walks the reader through each step of building a roadmap to assess readiness, identify opportunities, and then implement AI projects that gain stakeholder support and deliver ROI.

Digital Business Transformation.

Focus on customer value, all else will follow.

The balance of power has tipped towards the consumer as digital technology has given them more information and choice. I help companies to stand out in this global marketplace by crafting a customer value proposition that delivers competitive advantage.

Embrace collective genius.

The strength of the team is paramount to business success. Bringing together a diverse range of talents, thoughts and experiences will result in a more innovative organisation, which is 70% more likely to capture new markets and give you the creative ability to realise and use digital innovations at pace.

Less is more. Do one thing well.

Success comes through knowing your niche and doubling down on what you do well. I’ll help you work out what to focus on and become the market leader in that area.

Fast is better than slow.

Developing at speed requires agility, failing fast, and the ability to push through setbacks and see failures as opportunities to learn rather than reasons to stop.

Be willing to challenge the status quo.

The way things have always been done doesn’t have to be the way you always do things. Innovative ways of working can give you fresh routes to market, new partnerships, streamlined processes, and create value in new areas.

Be helpful rather than an expert; ideally, both.

Having expertise is great, but that’s useless if you cannot use it to help. I root all my consultancy work in what is best for the client, and what will be most helpful to their journey and their growth.

Without data, it’s just an opinion.

Every decision I make is data-backed and validated. I work with organisations to collect and analyse data, to help them make better decisions.

Build open, honest relationships.

Trust is key to any successful change programme. I’ll always come from a position of complete transparency and openness, to build lasting, honest relationships across organisations and their stakeholders.

Simplify and go; when you fail: reflect, refine and go again.

Starting small and simple is the key to building momentum. Quick wins help to gain support for larger projects. Failing fast, learning from mistakes and moving on quickly is key to keeping that momentum high.

Peter’s new book, AI for Business, is available now.

A practical guide for business leaders 
to extract value from Artificial Intelligence.

Public Speaking

As a captivating public speaker, Peter Verster brings a wealth of expertise to the stage, with a dynamic approach honed through years of experience as a consultant.


Having been at the forefront of data, tech, and digital innovation for more than 20 years, Peter provides unparalleled, data-driven outcomes.

AI for Business

Using his vast knowledge across the AI sphere, Peter has crafted a practical handbook to guide leaderst through the processes of assessing their business readiness for AI and building a framework for implementation.


Combining strategic understanding of AI and digital transformation with practical build and implementation capabilities, Northell is the ultimate partner to business looking to innovate, digitise, and transform.